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Rajiv Malhotra Lecture on Dharma, Sanskrit & Science, Goa Feb 26th, 2015

‘Are Indians Ignoring our Civilization while the West Appropriates it?’ Bharati Vidya Bhavan

Are Sanskrit Studies in the West becoming a New Orientalism?

Debate on ‘Hinduism & Indian Grand Narrative’ Delhi University Psychology Department

Rajiv Malhotra “The Evolution of Yajna” Lecture at Maharishi University

Rajiv Malhotra Lecture on “Where is Dharma in the 21st Century?” at Art of Living Feb. 15 2015

Rajiv Malhotra Houston Events December 13-14, 2014

Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation with Aam Admi Party Leaders Just Before Election

Lecture as Chief Guest Manipal University Int’l Conf on Language & Literature

Rajiv Q&A session with community leaders in Washington DC

Rajiv discusses with Leaders of NIIT

Bangalore Literary Festival September 2014

Indra’s Net Release by Arun Shourie, Jan 29th, 2014

Public Meeting & Talk on Indra’s Net in Bangalore, Jan 19th, 2014

Rajiv’s Lecture as Chief Guest Releasing “History of Yoga” Film

Lecture on Indra’s Net at Ramakrishna Mission’s Institute of Culture, Kolkata

IIT Kharagpur: Indian Mind Sciences & Their Importance Today

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