RM Q&A Session with Community Leaders in Washington DC 2014

Introduction to Q&A Session
  in Washington DC

Rajiv Describes the Stages of
  His Own Journey Over the Past 20 Years

Who is Rajiv’s guru?

What are the 4 Books
  Rajiv has Published Thus Far?

Explain what is Neo Hinduism and why our Opponents Want to Propagate it

Why is Namaz practice in Islam not
  ’embodied’ in the Dharma Sense?

Explain your goal of being Non-ignorable

What are your Issues with Funding
  India Related Chairs in the West?

How should we Infiltrate
  the Western Academy?

What should Hindus do to Compete against
  Church Seminaries Producing Research?

How to Scale up Rajiv’s Work to
  become like a Research Seminary