Statement by the editor of Indra’s Net, based in Toronto, Canada

​’​As Rajiv Malhotra’s copy-editor, I can state categorically that he clearly references Andrew Nicholson’s Unifying Hinduism in Indra’s Net, and in such a way that the reader is properly informed. Even in those places where Nicholson is not cited explicitly (i.e., with an end-note reference), it is perfectly obvious that it is his ideas that are being referenced and discussed. The decision not to cite every single reference to Nicholson was based on stylistic reasons (to prevent cumbersomeness and repetition) and also because Mr. Malhotra assumes his readers are intelligent enough to make the link between Nicholson’s ideas and his own (Malhotra’s) commentary on them. To his credit, Mr. Malhotra prefers not to insult his readers’ intelligence with a barrage of footnotes — only when they are required. And so there are several places where the references to Nicholson are implicit, as opposed to explicit. These references are obvious to anyone who reads the passages in the context of the preceding passages and the overall chapter. This all strikes me as pretty plain. Mr. Malhotra’s accusers in this matter are being unreasonable and grossly unfair, to put it mildly.​’​

Thom Loree
Copy-Editor, Indra’s Net
Sent from my Toronto home on July 22, 2015